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District 308 B1 Cabinet Officers, 2013-2014


District Governor
Lau Teng Chye

Immediate Past District Governor
Chan Hoi

1st Vice District Governor
Lim Hoe Guan

2nd Vice District Governor
Dato Dr Krishnan

Honorary Committee

PDG Jason Kon
Gua Musang

Cabinet Secretary

Cheah Kim Hai
KL Sentul

Cabinet Treasurer
Miranda Lee Mei Leng
KL City

Region 1 Chairperson
Indran Rajalingam
(Kota Bharu)

Region 2 Chairperson
Low Kin Yak
(Kuala Terengganu)

Region 3 Chairperson
Lee Kim Whatt
(KL Pavilion)

Region 4 Chairperson
Lee Yew Foo
(KL North)

Region 5 Chairperson
Chua Yock Poh

Region 6 Chairperson
Chia Fook Ling
(Muar Bukit Gambir)

Region 7 Chairperson
Choong Tau Kong
(Segamat Bukit Siput)

Region 8 Chairperson
Kerine Ng Poi Geok

Region 9 Chairperson
Tee Cheng Wah
(Desa Cemerlang)


Zone 1 Chairperson
Wan Siew Leng
(Kuala Krai)

Zone 2 Chairperson
Chong Ah Hee

Zone 3 Chairperson
Teng Hie Kung
(Chukai Central)

Zone 4 Chairperson
Sam Choon Chiong
(Indera Mahkota)

Zone 5 Chairperson
Low Bee Yong

Zone 6 Chairperson
Kevin Kiew Weng Kwong

Zone 7 Chairperson
Paul Lui Kim Thian
(KL Sentul)

Zone 8 Chairperson
Edwin Chen Khing Vui
(Damansara KL)

Zone 9 Chairperson
Go Tong Sun
(KL Host)

Zone 10 Chairperson
Belinda See Kee Hiong
(KL Perdana)

Zone 11 Chairperson
Dato Desmond Wong See Keong
(KL East)

Zone 12 Chairperson
Jesu Dass Muthu

Zone 13 Chairperson
Hau Han Yap

Zone 14 Chairperson
Shaun Lee Chong Leng

Zone 15 Chairperson
Alex Chiew Wee Shiong
(Muar Host)

Zone 16 Chairperson
Lim Eng Siang

Zone 17 Chairperson
Dr. Ong Show Sik
(Segamat Jaya)

Zone 18 Chairperson
Ser Chong Faa

Zone 19 Chairperson
Liew Kim Pin
(Simpang Rengam)

Zone 20 Chairperson
Roland Lim Chin Eng
(JB Tanjung Petrie)

Zone 21 Chairperson
Lam Wai Yee

Zone 22 Chairperson
Lee Ai Cheng
(Pekan Nanas)

Zone 23 Chairperson

Low Poh Oh
(JB City)

GLT District Coordinator
Thong Ee Lee

GMT District Coordinator
Tan Kim Fong
KL Vision City

LCIF District Coordinator
Henry Soong Shau Tshung
JB Host

DC Leadership Development (Region 1)
Timmy Lee Kim Chuan

DC Leadership Development (Region 2)
Ravishankar Raman
(Chukai Central)

DC Leadership Development (Region 3 & 4)
Denny Tee Kok Seong
(KL Seri Petaling)

DC Leadership Development (Region 5)
Ananda Rao Subramaniam

DC Leadership Development (Region 6)
Alvin Ooi Thian Chai
(Muar Host)

DC Leadership Development (Region 7)
Patrick Chew Hock Liong

DC Leadership Development (Region 8 & 9)
Koo Chi Seng
JB Tanjung Petrie

DC Membership, Ext. & Ret. (MER) (Region 1)
Jolene Tan Poh Ee
(Kota Budaya)

DC Membership, Ext. & Ret. (MER) (Region 2)
Tan Chee Kian

DC Membership, Ext. & Ret. (MER) (Region 3 & 4)
Margeret Tham Lai Cheng
(Mega City)

DC Membership, Ext. & Ret. (MER) (Region 5)
Helen Teo Siew Lai
(Seremban Central)

DC Membership, Ext. & Ret. (MER) (Region 6)
Goh Kian Yong
Muar Host

DC Membership, Ext. & Ret. (MER) (Region 7)
Tee Piaw Tian

DC Membership, Ext. & Ret. (MER) (Region 8 & 9)
Richard Seow Pian Leng

DC LEO Clubs Development
Foo See Yow
(KL Pavilion)

DC LEO Clubs Development (Region 1)
Yap Ser Seng
(Kota Bharu)

DC LEO Clubs Development (Region 2)
Kevin Fong Wan Kok

DC LEO Clubs Development (Region 3 & 4)
Khoo Bee Huey

DC LEO Clubs Development (Region 5)
Liow Yit Lee

DC LEO Clubs Development (Region 6)
Jacky Chan Chee Hean
(Muar Mahaledang)

DC LEO Clubs Development (Region 7)
Chua Boon Tow
(Simpang Rengam)

DC LEO Clubs Development (Region 8 & 9)
Frankie Lim Chan Jin
(Pekan Nanas)

DC Youth Camp & Exchange
Wah Joon Cheong
(KL Vision City)

DC Youth
(Opportunities For Youth)

Ng Tuck Heng
(KL Perdana)

DC Youth / Youth Exchange
(Region 1)

James Wong Keang Meng
(Kota Bharu)

DC Youth / Youth Exchange
(Region 2)

Dato Low Kok Chuan
(Triang Mandarin)

DC Youth / Youth Exchange
(Region 3 & 4)

Margeret Chong Me Lan

DC Youth / Youth Exchange
(Region 5)

Elizabeth Lee Cheng Chit
(Kuala Pilah)

DC Youth / Youth Exchange
(Region 6)

Gui Hui Ling
(Tanjung Mas)

DC Youth / Youth Exchange
(Region 7)

Belinda Lim Nyok Moi
Segamat Bukit Siput

DC Youth / Youth Exchange
(Region 8 & 9)

One Keng What
(JB Host)

DC Alert

Wesley Er Chon Wee
KL North

DC District Project
(Region 1)

Lim Kooi Sai
(Kota Budaya)

DC District Project
(Region 2)

Tham Wai Meng

DC District Project
(Region 3 & 4)

Danny Cheong Kok Kien
(KL Pudu)

DC District Project
(Region 5)

Steven Lee Kee Hock

DC District Project
(Region 6)

Chong Kim
(Muar Bukit Gambir)

DC District Project
(Region 7)

Yap Wee Ming

DC District Project
(Region 8 & 9)

Tan Leng
Tiram City

DC Lions with PDRM / Local Council (Main)
Jason Tang Kum Soon
(KL Pantai Hills)

DC Lions with PDRM / Local Council (Kelantan)
Dato Paduka Tan Kok Hooi
Kota Bharu

DC Lions with PDRM / Local Council (Terengganu)
Tok Ming Chen
(Kuala Terengganu)

DC Lions with PDRM / Local Council (Pahang)
Yeap Kang Keong

DC Lions with PDRM / Local Council (Malacca)
Dato Seri Jimmy Wong Thien Sang (Malacca)

DC Lions with PDRM / Local Council (Wilayah)
Poh Chye Lay
(KL Titiwangsa)

DC Lions with PDRM / Local Council (Negeri Sembilan)
Simon Aw Kok Hoon
(Seremban Central)

DC Lions with PDRM / Local Council (Northern Johor)
Liu Sam Hee
(Kluang Mandarin)

DC Lions with PDRM / Local Council (Southern Johor)
Datin Candy Chai Swee Chin
(Johor Jaya)

DC Lions Headquarters
Leon Thong Kee Chaw
(KL Host)

DC Convention
Nicholas Chen Yaw Boon
(KL Pantai Hills)

DC Cultural & Community Activities
Christina Tan Kim Yan
(Seremban Central)

DC Diabetes Awareness & Action
Alex Chung Kok Lam
(KL Seri Petaling)

DC Health Services
Dr. Chew May Yeen
(Segamat Jaya)

DC Environment & Family Park
Edmund Foo Chee Tuck
(KL West)

DC Hearing Preservation, Awareness & Action
Kevin Choong Wai Meng
(KL South)

DC International Relations
Stella Foo Soo Ying
(KL City)

DC District Foundation
Elaine Tan Mee Hoi
(KL Vision City)

DC Family & Women's Membership Development
Leong Yan Hong
(Segamat Puteri)

DC Sight Preservation Awareness & LEC
Michelle Mok Shiau Ping
(KL Central)

DC Education & LEF
Sashekala Pathmanathan
(Ayer Keroh)

DC Blood Bank & Organs Pledge
Lim Chun Nge
(KL East)

DC Information Technology
Ken Jern Yeong Jia
(KL North)

DC Bulletin
Raphael James Andres
(KL North)

DC Club Registration / ROS
Carol Choy Soke Phan
(KL Taman Tun)

DC Constitution & By Laws
Andrew Lim Kim Fat
(Kota Budaya)

DC Renal Centres
Dato Kelvin Lee Boon Huat
(Johor Jaya)

DC Lions with DBKL / Local Council
Bernard Cheong Siew Hoong
(KL West)

DC Sight First Mobile Unit
Foo Yaw Cheen
(KL Taman Tun)

DC PR & Lions Information
PDG Lillian Fan
KL City

DC Lions Services For Children
Evelyn Lee Huei Kuen
(Kota Tinggi)

DC Peace Poster
Jacklyn Ng Siew Siew
(JB Tanjung Petrie)

DC Special Project
(Retreat & Fellowship)
Lim Chin Hock
(Segamat Jaya)

DC Publicity and Media
Ng Peng Hoon
(Muar Puteri)






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