Introducing DG Dato'Javern Lim

We Serve with Heart

Dato’ Javern Lim comes from a fishing village, namely Kampung Parit Jawa in the beautiful town of Muar, Johor.  He has 9 brothers and sisters.  He is married to Datin Teo Geok Kee and they are blessed with a pair of beautiful twin daughters and a dashing son.  On January 14 2015 he was conferred DARJAH DATO PADUKA NEGERI SEMBILAN (DPNS) by D.Y.M.M. Yang Di-Pertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan Tuanku Muhriz ibni Almarhum Tuanku Munawir for his selfless contribution to society.

 For those who know him, friends, business associates or Lions, Dato’ Javern is very friendly, sincere, approachable and a person full of energy and enthusiasm towards serving the community.

 As a teenager, Dato’ Javern has demonstrated traits of a bold, successful person who is bound to do great work that will have a ripple effect on community and society.  At the young age of under 20, he left his comfortable home town Muar to Kuala Lumpur to pursue his study, riding an old Yamaha Super 88 motorcycle.  At that time many students might have decided to stay home rather to venture into unknown territory.  However, young Dato’ Javern decided tat one should be proactive and make no excuses to take the easy way out.  During that time neither rain nor shine can stop him from pursuing his dream.  Very often he was drenched in heavy downpour but he was never deterred and attended lectures faithfully.  His positive and purpose driven attitude is a living example for the young people of today to follow.

 Dato’ Javern is a firm believer of following his dream, work hard and persevere.  He is also very focus in pursuing his goal.  Once the goal is set it is a journey of no return but to pursue until the final success.  That is the reason that the company he founded is now the largest licensed financial planning firm in Malaysia.  He often jokingly shared that living in a fishing village had given him the determination, strength and stamina to work 16 hours a day and not giving up.

 It is a clear testimony of a man on a mission to pursue a dream that is bigger than himself.  It is often said that every great man has a humble beginning.  It is true in Dato’ Javern’s case.  Before he became a successful entrepreneur that help Malaysian to make smarter financial management decision and realize their very own life goals.  Dato’ Javern was once like many of us, an employee who work for a company, searching for his true calling and life purpose.

 At age of just 22 years old, he ventured into financial services by joining an oversea insurance company as a trainer.  His job description basically was just about training people, imparting knowledge to his company’s distributors and partners.  But as a person who goes the extra mile and seeing the big picture, he realized that his real mission as a trainer is to bring out the best potential of his trainees, and to help them achieve breakthrough of what they already do well.  With that awareness and determination to help people find personal success, Dato’ Javern would spend his free time exploring methods and ways to make his sessions more engaging.  He is further aided by his own curiosity nature and charismatic personality that help him to establish closed rapport with people and get to understand people’s aspiration and fear, allowing him to tap on their potentials and guide them to path of greatness.



Dato’ Javern admitted that during his early career in the safe nest of his employer, there were numerous occasions where he was attracted to the lucrative commissions earned by successful insurance agents.  However, his life changed when a challenge was thrown at him by an Agency Manager.  He was challenged to step out of his comfortable 9 to 5 job to start something of his own, or else he will remain an ordinary person doing the ordinary work.  Never take a challenge lightly Dato’ Javern sprang to action to work on his dream and made his first million at the age of 26.

In the financial services industry, Dato’ Javern is known to the industry stakeholders as a remarkable person who is committed to the field of financial services with great passions.  He is also well known for his selfless sharing of his experience and his commitment to the healthy growth of the industry.  In fact, he was one of the pioneers granted the licenses of Financial Planner by Securities Commission and Bank Negara Malaysia.  He also holds a Corporate PRS Advisor license and is an authorized PRS Master Trainer by Federation of Investment Managers Malaysia.  He is also the co-founder of the Association of Financial Adviser Malaysia.

 The company he founded in 2003, VKA Wealth Planners Sdn. Bhd. Is a financial planning firm licensed both by Securities Commission and Bank Negara Malaysia.  Under his steadfast leadership, the VKA brand is also the fastest growing licensed financial planning firm in the country.  As the founder and Group Managing Director of VKA Financial Group, the largest financial planning firm in Malaysia, he had worked toward his vision and have officiated the launch of VKA Academy in Dec 2017, a training platform to allow more people to achieve their dreams through training and proper guidance.  He believes in life long learning to achieve goals.

 With his pleasant personality he is a regular guest at local radio stations and newspapers.  His financial management tips and advice are often featured in major Chinese newspaper or could be heard over the radio.

 Dato’ Javern has been an active member of Lions Clubs International since 2001, and has served on a diversity of positions such as Club President, Zone Chairperson, District Chairperson and Vice District Governor, to the present position of District Governor for District 308 B1 Malaysia.  He viewed Lions Clubs International as a platform for greater good and also an avenue to give back to the society and serve the community to benefit those who are less fortunate and less blessed than many of us.

 As District Governor for Lions Clubs International District 308 B1 Malaysia for fiscal year 2019-2020, Dato’ Javern Lim hopes to elevate his contribution to make the community a better place.  His theme of ‘Serve With Heart’ easily wraps up what he envisions and plans for, to serve, and serve voluntarily with genuine intention and sincerity.  The ‘heart’ that Dato’ Javern sees is more than just the heart to service community, he also recognizes that heart is where everything else is ‘empowered’ and that is core to every organization and human body.  In his context, he sees the ‘heart’ us fir excellence.  To him Lion Movement has two important components, the Lions and the Leos.  These are the Heart of Lions Clubs and collectively they serve the community wholeheartedly without any financial reward.