District Governor's Theme

District Logo Rationale

Lions Logo

The Lions Logo at the top gives prominence to our organisation that we are all proud members of LIONS INTERNATIONAL

Heart-shape Hands

This symbolizes a heart that wants to enrich the world and bring more joy to the world, fulfilling our pledge “Where there is a need, there is a Lion”.

Lions on both sides

The Lions on the right and left symbolize Lions & Leos respectively. The extending feet and standing postures of the Lions signify their readiness moving towards a common goal by giving their strength to support Lions International. This is a perfect illustration of our Lions family where the most seasoned Lions mentor the younger Lions & Leos, and together the common goal of the District is achieved.

Left & right hands

The Light Blue color represents the Leos, while the Dark Blue color represents the Lions, and when these two hands come together forming the “Heart” they serve with love, sincerity and kindness.